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G Berger's Story

My 18 year old daughter has suffered with Behcet's for two years.
One thing that has helped her has been birth control pills. The ortho tri-cyclic were the best and reduced the sores in her mouth so much that she only had them two weeks out of every month and only had about 5-15. The pills made her gain weight so she went down to a lower dose pak of Allese. On Allese she still has sores all the time, but only about 15-20, whereas off the pill, she had 60 plus at a time. She lost count when her mouth and tongue were so swollen and covered with sores.
Her eye flares worst at her period time as well as other symptoms. We are convinced that hormones play some part in this disease (as in most auto immune diseases). Recently we the doctor and the pharmacist at my request) concocted a mouth rinse of Prednisone and Lidocaine that she swishes 3-4 times a day and spits out to avoid the prednisone side effects. This keeps the pain under control so that she can eat and talk, and usually keeps the swelling of her lips and face down. Naproxen (generic alleve) is helping somewhat with the flu-like aching. She goes to a massage therapist almost every week and that helps soothe her aching also.
At times she has had to take Prednisone orally (before we concocted the swish) and that clears up all symptoms, but they come back worse when she goes off it. Maybe this will help someone. The swish has been such a blessing, but we get the mucousal lining of her mouth checked periodically by a dentist.