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Cindy's Story

Hi everyone,

After reading some of your stories I decided to share mine. My 15 year old daughter is in the process of being diagnosed with Bechet's.

In March of 2001 she had fevers and intense headaches that lasted a month. The doctor ran many tests, and eventually this episode just passed. In June the headaches returned with the high fever. Ulcers appeared in her mouth and genital area, along with the painful lumps on her shins.

Now she has swollen feet and ankles and it's very painful for her to walk. The fatigue at times is over-whelming and we both cry a lot together. This is a child who is an honors student, active in tennis with many friends. She has her future mapped out with college in mind and now we both wonder, is this still possible?

I try to stay positive, but we are both getting depressed knowing or perhaps not knowing what really lies ahead for her. I would love to hear from anyone who can be supportive and helpful as this is very new to both of us.