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Elisa's Story

Hi! I am Elisa,

I have two beautiful girls and married to a wonderful man. In 1997 I became very sick for a week. All my life the only illness I ever had was strip throat. And that was only once a year. But this time I new things would never be the same. As I laid on the couch with high fever, chills, aches, and ulcers.(even in my cervix)I new that this was going to be a battle.

As I read everyone's story (thanks you all!!) I realize that I am in the early stages. I am grateful to God because I do not know what sick is until I read the stories. Don't get me wrong I am sick for weeks. Mostly summer months, lighter in the winter. I take a lot of pills. Relax more than I want to. But I try to enjoy life to the fullest. (a positive attitude helps) But I must say ! I wish someone would make a shirt that says "I'm FAT because I take Prednisone" Ha Ha

You have to laugh because I cry a lot about it. If anyone has any suggestions or would like to email me. Please do. We live out in the country which I call Gods Country. Love to fish and hunt. Love my family and God. May God bless us all and someday there will be a cure.

If anyone wishes to contact me please e-mail me here;

Elisa Martin-------Texas

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