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Gail Aitkens' Story

Hi, My name is Gail Aitken

I am divorced and have two children, Billy who is 22 (he has two children of his own) and a daughter who will be 18 in March. She to is sick with all kinds of problems. She also has Behcetís Disease.Gail Aitken

I was told that I had it about five years ago and the doctor put me in Cleveland clinic. He told me that I would have died if he had not put me in the hospital.

I am now married to Mike. My daugter has had problems with her heart. I am now on Intrerferon but am still having problems with my eyes.

I also noticed that my flares on BD come with my monthly cycle.

I did have mouth sores that were very bad that I had to use a toothpick for a while. It seems like I have had every type of illness known to man.

My sight is getting worse and I am going blind in my left eye and my right eye is being affected as well, by uveitis and optic nuritis . I am taking all kinds of medications including Trental, Veltex and pain killers, I am also on the injectable type of interferon..

I am also on Progetrogen and Tenorman for blood pressure problems caused by the steroids.

I am fighting the battle against the blindness, which scars me. I think I have had this all my life; my family have questions on certain illnesses that donít make sense. I almost died four times from all types of complications. I do not work and I am a Churchgoer. Iím a Seventh day Adventist and I worship on a Saturday. I have a big black dog and a lot of little critters in the house. I like to walk and I like to pray, which helps a lot.

I live in a little town in Michigan, it is a great town.