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Melanys' Story

I was diagnosed with having a Behcet's-like disorder in 1996.

At age 9, I was hospitalized with high-fevers (105+) for 6 weeks and had joint pain, initially believed to be juvenile arthritis. 8 years later at age 17, the fevers returned this time accompanied by ulcers in the colon, intestines and a few mouth ulcers.

8 years later at age 26, the fevers came back again and then I got aeseptic menangitis and liver involvement. Blood tests usually revealed high sedimentation rate & C-reactive protein levels.

I am now 30 and live every day with severe migraines and muscle pain & weakness. My disease has been diagnosed as Behcets for lack of a better diagnoses.

I have not gotten the top symptoms of the skin lesions, eye involvement, genital lesions... only the more rare symptoms (menangitis,intestinal involvement,liver involvement,nervous system involvement).

My doctors are now telling me that my migraines & pains all over my body are not related to the disorder... I'm not buying it.

I'm looking to find out if anyone else has similar problems of only having the rare symptoms and not experiencing the more common symptoms and if severe migraine is related to the condition or a separate condition.