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Nivea's Story

Hi my name is Nivea from Canada,

I have had Behcets for over 3 years! It has been very fustrating.
I have been experiencing things like memory loss , Ulcers in the mouth , touge & genital area. Also my ankles has been swelling up. And to make me feel better the doctor gave me two types of medication: Neoral & prednisone .

SO far the medication has been helping me, but the prednisone made me gain about 65 more pounds from the weight I already had. Now I'm having problems with my eyesight but I'm taking it one day at a time ,and I haven't felt this good in a long time. And I try not to get stressed out because that is what causes the big ulcers.
I am still working everyday and I think that is really what is keeping me going. Since I went on the internet and found out that so many other people have behcets disease . I will be praying for them because I give thanks every minute of the day because it could be worst.