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Stephanie's' Story

Hi everyone .

Hi I'm Stephanie 34 years old with a 7 year old beautiful Angel named Madison.

She keeps me going through the pain and suffering I feel at times. I try to not let her know about the bad days but sometimes Mommy just doesn't feel well. It was a long road to get diagnosed any many many specialists.

I truly felt like a freak . Noone knew what was wrong with me.I have a great Doctor that always made sure I was seen by the Speacialist for all the individual areas of my body but no one put the big picture together to give this HELL a name.

I have lost my left eye after many painful flares and wear a prostectic. My daughter doesn't know because I'm still ashamed of it and can't forgive myself for going through the surgery for acute Glaucoma. I wish I waited it out . I was in alot of pain and thought it was all I had left to be better.

My Rhumey informed me if "I only saw him earlier it wouldn't have happened." I know we can't go back and wish if only ....I have ulcers, colitis, high blood pressure and all the other fun stuff we get to deal with.

All I hope and pray is my daughter never has to go through this, but at least we will know if she has any signs. I can take all the pain as long as she's ok . This is a dreadful disease. I am now going through the a divorce after 13 years. He never knew when I felt good it seemed like I was always hurting somewhere.

I hope to go into remission someday and be better. As I hope for all of you that suffer with this nightmare.