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Carols' Story

Hi, my name is Carol.
I was diagnosed with Behcets in 1996. I have had chronic lung problems, stomach problems, severe panic, and anxiety attacks. Not to mention chronic fevers, sores in my mouth, and genitals. I also have bouts of inflammation in my knees, ankles, and lower spine. I live with chronic fatigue and pain.

I am divorced and have four children. My children are Richard age 24, David age 16, Jillian 14, and Caitlin 7. My kids are such wonderful, compassionate people. They have helped me in many ways. They have unselfishly given up things they’ve wanted to do to help out around the house, run errands, and take care of their youngest sister. My parents are also such a blessing to me, they are elderly and have their own health issues, but they always are there to help me in any way they can. I am very involved in my church and have many people praying for me there.

I live near my best friend Vicci, who is always a source of encouragement especially when I am in such pain. I want to end it all. She keeps me going on and reminds me that I always feel this way before I get better. I also have another friend named Debbie who helps keep me refreshed and encouraged in the Lord. Last but not least, is this web site for at last there is others like me that understand that you can look real normal on the outside and feel so bad on the inside. Because of this website I no longer feel alone.
Thanks everybody.