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Charlyn's dads Story

My father woke up one morning back in 1969, unable to see his bedside clock. Being a bar owner, he figured it was just from being up so late the night before and perhaps one too many drinks. Unfortunately, after washing his face and waking up a bit, the "fog" continued. No doctor knew the answer, no one person had a clue.

He was admitted to the hospital and stayed for very long periods of time. My mother tells stories that he was shot directly into the eye with needles while he was awake. The best of care was given, they flew to the Mayo Clinic and much to their demise, still no one had an answer. They continued treatments locally, more shots, more pain, the eye never recovered.

After several painful flare ups he was finally diagnosed. Behcet Syndrome they called it. Thankfully in 1992, after a trip to the NIH in Washington, DC and to the Miami Eye Clinic, he was prescribed Sandimune and Prednisone (high doses). This truly made a difference in the time between flare ups. We are thankful that he hasn't lost complete sight in his "good" eye, which is really bad, but at least he can see a little bit. He is at the point where the bad eye will be removed and a glass eye put in. I hope the pain will subside. He has always been a very strong man and provided for his family.

However, if it weren't for the fact of a family business, I doubt any other employer could have tolerated his sporadic attendance. He was recently claimed disabled, due to the joint pain, severe rashes, and of course his blindness. My father is 56 years old and has dealt with this disease for over 30 years. I am sorry for every person that has it and I'm sorry for their families. My mother has endured the brunt of many episodes of pain and helplessness. She drives my Dad where he needs to go and reads what needs to be read. If it were not for her and her constant care and attendance to this disease, my father would be a lot worse off than he already is. Her patience is almost endless. I am scared for my children, although they say it's not hereditary. I am thankful for the fact of my father's continued strength and hope and pray his sight lasts forever.

May all of you suffering, be healed and find peace.