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Dawn' Story

I was 34 when I had my third child. My only complication was that I tore a hernia and had it repaired after my son's birth. All went well, except I started getting mouth sores. Three years past and I went to every kind of doctor: dentist, dermatologist, ENT and family doc.; all sweetly smiled and said"stress".

This past July, a mayo doc. decided to remove my tonsils, I was getting sore throats and fevers a few days a month, usually around my period time, anyway, I got the worst ulcers in my mouth after the surgery that almost made me jump off a bridge. On top of that, a genital, my first appeared, saw gyno. doc.who said "herpies" and gave med.

Life resumed for about a month then I started having terrible backaches , headaches,and fevers. My heart beats would wake me up at night, that is if I could sleep due to headaches. I was taking everything over the counter I could get down and still no relief.

The fevers and chill on top of headaches were coming daily. I ended up in emergency room and sent home with memengitis diog. No relief, next week I was back in ER and admitted.

Cat scan showed masses in lungs, liver, and lymphnodes. I also had more genital sores, pretty bad ones from the way the doc. talked. I was told lymphoma for a few days until they started biopsing. I actually prayed for this disease folks. "Life time illness" sounded pretty good from the bed I was laying in.

After docs. ran every test they could, they finally said "behcets".

I was put on 60mg of pred. I responded immediately. That night my fever broke for the first time in three weeks. The headaches also stopped. An opthamologist checked my eyes and said they looked O.K.

I'm now down to 40mg. pred. and 100mg. imuran. So for I'm doing well.

I'm continuing to decrease pred. 10mg. every two weeks and hoping imuran will hold symptoms down. I have had a lot of energy thanks to pred. (I think) I've had some tiny mouth sores appear but nothing like before. No genital sores and the headaches seem to be under control too.

I'm pretty knew to all of this so I hope this is O.K. I just know I spend a lot of time at this web site reading about all of you and thought I should contribute my story, hope it helps.

I have a great family, a wonderful husband and children. I hope I can remain positive and gain more amd more knowledge from all of you. You seem so important to me because of our common bond. Hang in there everyone.

Dawn Martinez
Scottsdale, Arizona