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Karan's Story

My name is Karen, I just wanted to tell someone that I have Behcets. It was diagnosed when I was 18.

I had just won a full scholorship to college. I got real sick, I went into a coma and was in a nursing home when I was 19, needless to say that was the end of my basketball scholorship, can't walk so you can't play basketball!

I was in the nursing home for 10 years, unable to walk for 8 of those years. I had uncontrollable seizures (now they are somewhat controlled)

I had a lot of good christian friends. They would not let me give up (and sometimes I wanted to) I leaned on them and the Lord all the time for support.

The Drs. convinced my parents I was going to die so they gave up on me. They would not even let me come home when I got better, but friends from the church did.

I got a new dr. in the nursing home who decided to start taking me of all medication, I slowly started to get better!

I learned how to walk all over again, Left the nursing home and went to college. I graduated with a 3.0 average and I was tested at a 6th grade level.

I am now married to a wonderful man! My life right now is doing great! I guess what I am trying to say is don't ever give up! It sometimes is a long road, I still have seizures and some other problems but my friends would not let me give up And now I don't want to see anyone else give up