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Rolly's' Story

Hi! I just found your webpage today and am excited (and sorry, also) to see that there are so many more of you out there with Behcet's.
I have been afflicted with the disease since 1990, and was diagnosed in 1992. My primary symptoms have been ulcerative colitis and oral ulcers, along with occasionally debilitating fatigue. I have been fortunate to have enjoyed periods of freedom from these symptoms, and have learned that stress seems to be the primary trigger for an attack. As a result I am learning about meditation and relaxation techniques, and have really been "cleaning up my act" as far as lifestyle is concerned. Regular excercise, moderate diet, little or no alcohol (and no drugs not prescribed by my doctor), and lots of rest. I am also learning not to let troubles at work affect me. God has always taken good care of me, and I figure the best I can do is the best I can do. I also play a lot of golf, which in Midland, TX is easy to do, since we have about 330 days of sunshine a year.

My medications have been prednisolone (a refined version of prednisone) and Asacol for the colitis. I have recently been experimenting (with my doctors approval) with Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in an oral spray form. After just three weeks usage I have noticed a lessening of joint pain. I have arthritis in my spine (Ankylosing Spondylitis) that usually causes some discomfort, but lately I've had no problems.