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Susan Poage's Story

I was diagnosed with Behcet's in 1988. I became severally ill, I thought I just had the flu. I went to the doctors with a bad sore throat.
I explained that it felt like there was fire in my throat. My physician took a look, and just commented on how red it was. I was given a prescription for some antibiotics and sent on my way.

The next day my throat hurt so bad, it sent me into tears. I was back at the doctors, this time they saw the ulcers. I was given a codine mouthwash made by my doctor. I was not able to eat or drink because of the pain. Eventually I just totally dehydrated. I was put in the hospital. No one knew what to do with me. I was in an isolated room where you had to where a full gown, hair net, mask and gloves to come in and see me. I felt like a big freak show. All the interns came to see my weird problems. The lesions appears on my legs about two days after being in the hospital. The CDC was called in, I was asked all these personal questions, ruling out any kind of sexually transmitted disease. My ulcers had to be burnt out of my mouth. They took a biopsy of my leg. It was one big mess. After a week, they allowed my vistors to come in with their street clothes on. I was released without a diagnosis. Two days out of the hospital, I developed a lesion on my eye ball. It actually covered up half of my pupil. It was very strange. They sent me to an eye specialist, and he was the one to diagnosis me.

I have had a couple flare ups since then, but nothing major. I am beginning to worry now, I have been experiencing infections on my face. The look like acne, but become open sores down around my jaw area. I am also experiencing infections in my fingers, around my fingernails.
After the infection clears up, the skin peels away. I have an appointment with my doctor next week. But, he is not very familiar with this disease. Oh yeah, I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I have developed Hypothyroid, so I'm on .1mg of Synthyroid. It has been a strange trip, and I'm sure more is to come. It's nice to talk to someone with similiar abnormalities.

Susan Poage