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This page will guide you to addresses and links which will have ideas and further information about the symptoms and characteristics of the disease.
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Japan   Information in Japanese about Behcet's

For the Japanese speaking members, this may be of interest to you!
The Japan Behcet's Foundation is well established, with regional branches all over the country. They are supported by doctors and the Japanese Health Ministry. They hold many local events, with one all-Japan seminar a year. This is their only web site at the moment, run by the Osaka branch. It is extremely informative, if you know Japanese, with links to many interesting doctors' lectures. Some English should be available soon

France   Information in French about Behcet's
For the French speaking members, this may be of interest to you!
Italy   Information in Italian about Behcet's
For the Italian speaking members, this may be of interest to you!

Information in Korean about Behcet'sKorean Version
For the Korean speaking members, this may be of interest to you!
The Korean BD Association is very young but determined, and will only be formally established soon. It is run by patients striving to help each other. Their web site has a lot of information in Korean and some English, and they continually work to improve it. Look for new stuff as it becomes available

Information in Portuguese
Information in Belgium about Behcet's
For Belgium speaking members, this may be of interest to you!

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MEDSCAPE DRUGINFO DATABASE Drug Search 2000 is a market-leading drug information search tool based on our integrated database. This database was developed as a joint effort of First DataBank, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and Medscape. The database combines information from the National Drug Data File with information from the American Hospital Formulary Service Drug Information. Find it Here

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The Pub Med site is an excellent search tool for finding articles and information on Behcet’s Disease. You can find about 4000-5000 articles about Behcet’s Disease on the site. Therefore, when searching, for articles on Behcet’s Disease, narrow your search down by adding other descriptions after entering Behcet’s Disease, i.e., “Behcet’s Disease; hearing loss” in the search box (without the quotes). The URL to the Pub Med site is:

NORD Site and Link (National Office of Rare Diseases) Another good site to visit is the National Office of Rare diseases (NORD). Here you can find information on more than 6000 rare diseases, including current research, publications from scientific and medical journals, completed research, ongoing studies, and patient support groups
The URL to the NORD site is:

NEWLooking for Pharmaceutical Medication Assistance? Check out the following site

Web MD
This sites tailors information for consumers, physicians, registered nurses; health teachers; lists common diseases, causes, treatments; contains Yale University School of Medicine’s Patient’s Guide to Medical Tests and handy health tools and calculations.

Mayo Clinic This site features comprehensive, understandable articles; search engine; daily news updates and ask-a-Myo-doctor feature. Readers can subscribe to Housecalls, a free semi-weekly e-mail health newsletter.

Medformation This site features sections on symptoms and conditions; staying healthy, pharmacy, doctors, health news and access to free e-mail newsletters; handy links to organisations, support groups, studies and publications.

InteliHealth This site provides information from Harvard Medical School, the University of Pennsylvania Dental School; special health sections on men, women and children, seniors; breaking medical news feature; helpful links and tracking tools.

Federal Drug Administration This site provides timely prescription drug information where you can find out whether a new drug has been approved or whether a generic version of a brand-name medication will soon be available. The FDA also posts news about its own actions and pro-announcements, including, for example, reports of side affects for a particular drug. The site devotes full pages to major drug phenomena.

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National Institute of Health – Clinical Trials Information
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NEWArthritis Montreal

Activex web site
Visit The Lupus Site
Genetic Interest GroupThe Genetic Interest Group ( supporting those affected by genetic disorders.
Title: Portuguese Medical Translations
Description (optional): Translations of medical documents between Portuguese and English languages by medical doctors.


Many of the links from our web site are to reputable institutions and societies and the details obtained can be an excellent source of information. However, not all of the medical resources are authoritative or up to date. The information should not be used as a substitute to professional medical care. Any decision concerning your well being based solely on information obtained from these sources could be detrimental to your health. Whilst we hope you will find the sites linked on this page of help, we accept no liability or responsibility of any nature, the content or information, of sites linked on this site.
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