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We are always honoured to receive tributes for the help that this site brings! We believe that this web site does make a difference and the hundreds of positive e-mail's that we have received over the years confirms this.

Your Web site has been nominated for Our Outstanding Web Site Award for 2002. Our Staff has reviewed your web site and find it very informative
and well done.
Your web site reflects your dedication and hard work.
Please accept our award and our congratulations on a outstanding web site.
We are honoured to present you with the Facing Challenge Award for your website at The contribution you are making to the lives of many is valuable and appreciated.


Healing well awardThis website has been selected as a recipient of the highly regarded "Editor's Choice Award" from This award is reserved for selected health websites that exhibit 1) exceptional web design, 2) reliable and quality health information on disease and disorder topics, and 3) patient accessibility and support.
Award Award
Comments from those that have visited the site
Thanks again, it is a well put together informative site.
It is quite obvious how hard you have worked and how dedicated you are to helping Behceters worldwide.
I also wanted to thank you for putting up such a great web site. I am so grateful to read other peoples stories and know that I am not alone. Your site also helped me to help my doctor diagnose me. Thanks again, I can only imagine how much work it is.
We always visit BOW site as often as we can it is sooo friendly and helpful :))
I have had Behcets for 16 years now. I really thank you all for giving me a place to turn and talk to people. Its so hard to find doctors or people who know anything about it. I'm actually doing good now .
I think it is by far and away the most comprehensive site about Behcet's out there and they are still actively adding to it every day.
I have been searching for info on Behcet's for a few hours, and your site has been the most in depth so far.
This site has REALLY changed my life for the BETTER.
Keep doing the fine work. Before I found this site I was so terribly depressed. Now every day, I can get reassurance, thoughts and, sometimes a little laugh regarding Behcet's.
I just wanted to "Thank you!" The time you take to put together this newsletter out to those of us who have this dreadful "thing"- helps us know that we are not alone.
Thank God you started this site. I can't wait to click on every day.
I just wanted you to know that I was very impressed with your web site and the information that you have made available about this illness.
What a wonderful way to start my work day than to come to work and see this. Thank you so much. Your reply back was very informative and supporting.
There are not enough words in any language to express my gratitude. I have learned more in the last year than in the previous 20+ years since I was diagnosed. My HOPE has been restored and I now have my own computer just to have access to all the wonderful things and feelings that we share. THANKS THANKS THANKS.

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