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There are very few conferences that are specific to Behcet's Disease. It is very difficult to get information on the conferences that have been held. Despite this we have managed to get the transcribes from some of those conferences. To read about each conference in more detail just click on the conference title. We recommend the patient and doctors conference reports.

Patients conference 2000.
On 19th-22nd May 2000 in Hayama, Japan, "The First International Convention for patients with Silk-Road Disease (Behcet's Disease)" was held.

Doctors conference 2000.
This conference takes place once or twice yearly, in order to keep all researchers of BD in Japan up to date on the latest findings. It is open for the public to attend as observers.

On 28th July 2000, the conference was held in Yokohama, at the Behcet's Research Institute (Kamiohka college).
Three sessions dealt with new research while the last one addressed patients.

Korean conference.
Congratulatory addresses were delivered by a member of the National Assembly who works for a Korean Health & Welfare Committee, as well as by BOW (in a letter read by Mr. Pil-Soo Kim, KBSA’s international liaison).

All Japan Conference.
This year (2000) the meeting took place on 23rd July in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Over 70 patients from all over the country attended, which made it the highest attendance yet.

The Japanese Tomonokai (friendly association) has branches in different parts of the country. Kanagawa prefecture is adjacent to Tokyo, on its south-west end. It's capital city is Yokohama, and this meeting was held there.

St Marianna University School of Medicine.
St. Marianna University School of Medicine is located on top of a hill in Kawasaki, Japan. It is one of three centres specialising in treating Behcet's Disease in the capital region. BD patients are treated here in both in-patient and out-patient facilities by some of the most prominent doctors in the field.


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