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This website has been in existence since 1999 and has been responsible for providing outstanding service. The concept originated from the web site of a Behcet's patient in 1998. The websites speciality is information on Behcet's Disease. Regular visitors particularly value the comprehensive and reliable information provided.

The site has succeeded in increasing the awareness of Behcets Disease and provides those with Behcet's Disease a resource that can not only better inform them but to also provide resources where they can actively enhance their lives. Since the sites conception others have been inspired by our examples, which we find very flattering. If we can continue to lead by example than this can only benefit the whole Behcet's community.

This site is totally reliant on donations from those that feel we have helped them in some way. Either through answering specific questions on the Medical Panel page or by introducing them to others who have Behcet's Disease. All resources on this site are free, without donations we cannot survive.

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Locating people with Behcet's Disease and providing them with information and support.

Decreasing isolation and stress from the lives of people with Behcet's Disease, and also helping their family members.

To encourage and deal with networking amongst the medical profession, and to promote research.

To promote the positive side of Behcet's such as this and many other resources for Behcet's sufferers and to ultimately find a satisfactory solution to easing the effects of Behcet's Disease.

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