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Behcets Disease is a complex disease and affects many systems within the body and can make treatment complicated and difficult. Most Behcets patients have at one time or another encountered medical personnel who have not had contact with a Behcet's Disease patient before.

The information listed for the Physicians, Clinics, and Hospitals are records in the public domain with the exception of the "comments" about them. What we have endeavoured to do is eliminate the searching for Physicians, Clinics, and Hospitals in the different localities world-wide and who have had experience in the management of Behcets Disease.

It is our hope that the information found herein will accomplish this. Whether the patient is seeking a reference for a new Physician within his or her own locale, is moving, or travelling abroad and has a need for medical care, wherever their whereabouts at that time, they will be able to access this information from a computer and know where to go to get this medical attention.

Treating the Behcets patient can be time consuming and requires a lot of research and effort put into the medical care of the Behcets Patient. Each Behcets Patient has a right to decide for himself or herself, on a particular Physician, Clinic, or Hospital that may be in their best interest to provide the medical care they need.

The ultimate goal for these listings is to establish a "network" of doctors who have had experience in the management of Behcets Disease.

Anyone, whether Physician, Clinic, Hospital, or Behcets Patient having additional information they would like added to any of the listings please submit the information to us for editing into the databases. The privacy of the Behcets Patients will be held in the highest confidence and security and regard and will NOT be published under any circumstances nor released to anyone without prior written approval from the Patient!
All information held is regulated by the Data Protection Act (1998) Registration, No: PZ4578150 (Regs March 2000).

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    1. Any physician who requests to be added to this list, shall be.
    2. To our knowledge all information held is in the public domain.
    3. If you are a physician and want to be included please e-mail us.
    4. Your comments and submissions are valued.

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