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We are very interested to hear your stories and experiences on issues concerning Behcet's Disease. Learning from other peoples knowledge is very important as this disease as much publicity as possible.

As well as learning the technical aspects of Behcet's Syndrome, we also need to learn the social, physical and psychological affects of the disease. We know from personal experience that a source of information is required which tackles these issues, as most of the sites on the internet are based purely on just the professional viewpoint.

Most of the stories sent in have all the ingredients which we are looking for. They not only highlight the bad points but also show there are good times as well. As with any serious illness care has to be taken to show a balanced viewpoint, otherwise it can become depressing.

Most (but not all) of the people we come across with Behcet's have had some rotten times, this is balanced (or compensated) by the good experiences they have. One of them being the amount of support they have for fellow sufferers.

Below are some experiences of people who have ( or live with someone who has) Behcet's Disease. If you want to share your experiences on these pages, then just send them to us. They can be amusing, sad, long , short, funny, angry or just informative. It is only by sharing your experiences with others that we can truly understand.

Aydin: Getting a PHD  
Louise: Diagnosed with 'potential' Behcets. Ana: Felt like a monkey in a laboratory
Ronald: Freaked out Desmond: Only 14 years old
Jeannette:Total lack of energy Carolyn: In major flare for a year
Diagnosed after having children Rory: diagnosed at 16
Kate: luckier than most of you.. Mick: Wife has Behcet's
DeAnna: Her patient has Behcets Carla: Being diagnosed
Nichole; Thought she was going to die. Bren: They don't think he is ill.
Lydia: More than 8 have it Joy: Not a hypochondriac
Patrica: Her mother also has Behcets James: Problems since teens
Lyn; Remicade works for her. Laura: Trying to work it out.
Lisa: Still feels alone Tracy: newly diagnosed
Kayla: On a rollercoaster Christine: Fears for her daughter
Mary Anne: Daughter has Behcet's Tracy: has had symptoms since having children
Misti: Misdiagnosed for 8 years Marie Anne: Daughter has Behcets
Joe: Has his own auction site Safia: May have behcets or MS
Jo: Is now able to talk about BS Rich: Progressive symptoms
Jenand: Stubborn Schnell: I have great support
Raina: Finally, a Drug that Works!
Beth: Am I going mad
Marie: has a suspected diagnosis. Michelle: Luckier than some
Karolena: Recently diagnosed Suzan: Not giving in!
Randy: Guitars and Behcet's Brynda: from the pit of hell
Meghan: Learning to cope Cheryl: Living in pain
Nivea: Having Behcets Jennifer: Either it or me!
Christine: A life of pain and joy Elisa: Wants a new t-shirt
Philip: His remarkable story Liza: Looking back in wonder
Tracey: The dreaded Prednisone Tessa: Coping with a child with BD
Ernest: A sensitive subject Chrisanne: Finally has a diagnosis
Denise: Has had it all Cindy: What does the future hold?
Tish: This website is very helpful Debbie: From pillar to post
Stephanie: Worried about her daughter Gail: The power of prayer
Dwain: Tyring to cope with symptoms Lori: Still waiting
Fred: An example to us all Melany: Trying to get diagnosed
Karen: Don't give up G Berger: An idea from a mother
Brenda: An aspiring designer Lynette: An interesting one
Maxine: Would like your help Susan: No longer a freak
Cherry: Undiagnosed hypochondriac Diane: Starting to adjust
Rolly: Lifestyle change Diedre: Finally diagnosed
Charlyn's dad: A families love Ruth: I think I have Behcet's?
Dawn: Her contribution

Alan: Stress

Candi: Finally diagnosed Panther: From early childhood
Amanda: Her loss of vision Terianne: Coping with this ugly illness
Jane: Pulling no punches Catherine: A short one
Tom: Has he got Behcet's? Carol's story



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