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Welcome to the Meeting Place

Many people have asked if they could be put in contact with other Behcet's Disease sufferers in their area, so we have put together this 'meeting place'.

Below are the links to each contact. Select a box and see if there is someone in your area that you would like to contact. Don't worry if you cannot find anyone as you can submit your details using the form below. Some very special relationships have developed from this section and we wish you luck.

To reply to an advert click on the persons blue e-mail address (This is not their real e-mail address, just a holding address, so we can maintain confidentiality), and provide your details and how to get in contact with you.


Contact details submission form below.

If you want to advertise your details, just fill out the form below, it's as simple as that. Due to the overwhelming success of this section the workload and administrations costs have increase dramatically. In just the last few months over 500 contact details have been processed. Because of this it is now necessary to apply a small charge of £3 per advert per YEAR. On submission of your details you will be sent an e-mail requesting the annual fee. Upon payment your details will go live on the website.

This is essential! What is your FULL e-mail address?

What is your name?

What is your main symptom?

What is your gender? (please check the box)
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What is your age?

Where do you live?

For how many years have you lived with Behcet's?

Your meeting place ad (you may wish to include your symptoms, interests, etc.)Maximum 75 words please.

Any information you provide for inclusion on 'the meeting place' may be edited by the administrator.

Please remember that real people use this service for support. If you don't think you will have the time or commitment to support others with Behcet's Disease, please don't send an ad in.

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